Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co.

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Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. It is located in Wuqing District Tianjin, covers an area of 6 square kilometers. Its designed production capacity is 1.8 million tons. It mainly focuses on Alumium flat-rolled products’ Research &Development, production and marketing. It was designed and built with large-size equipment, high capacity, kinds of product and advanced technology, which makes the plant by its large scale and intensive production. Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium C...

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          • Tianjin Zhongwang Aluminium Co.
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          • * Cast ingot * Plate * Coil and sheet * Composite plate and sheet * Polishing plate and sheet Aluminium and aluminium alloy grades: 1xxx, 2xxx, 3xxx, 4xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx, 8xxx Product tempers: F, O, Hxxx, Txxxx
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          • North of Wu Ning Road, Auto Industrial Park, Wuqing District, Tianjin, China Zip code: 301701
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          • zhumengge
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          • 8613132211706
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